What I Offer

Ritual and Spiritual Care

I am available to officiate at lifecycle events including baby namings, funerals and unveilings, and will work with you to create unique, meaningful ceremonies and rituals for various life transitions and events.

Bereavement, Pre-Bereavement and Grief Support

Grief is a normal and expected part of the bereavement process, but it’s definitely not a linear process! It takes many forms and manifestations, and can begin with diagnosis

Spiritual Guidance for Aging and the End of Life

Baby Boomers changed the world once, and as we age, we’re doing it again. We’re redefining what it means to grow older, and we want to live lives with meaning and purpose for as long as we can. That means different things to different people, and as someone who went to rabbinical school in her late 40s, I’m right there with you.

In addition, as we age, our bodies and brains change, and those changes also bring existential challenges that impact our lives. How can we approach these changes and challenges in a way that enhances our lives?

Caregiving is one of the greatest challenges Baby Boomers face; at some point, we will be or need a caregiver. What do our sacred texts have to say about caring for our parents and other relatives? How do we come to terms with needing care ourselves?

We don’t know how or when we’ll die, and the only thing that’s certain is that we will. Do we face this with comfort and grace, or do we fight it every step of the way?

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. However, I believe that we need to partner with our doctors and healthcare professionals to get the best care and treatment that will help us be best able to live the lives we want to live as we move forward.

Spiritual guidance sessions can help you:

  • Define your priorities
  • Empower you to take some control over your future
  • Help you leave a legacy for your children/future generations and use this information to kive your best life now
  • Make decisions about care for yourself and others
  • Understand various Jewish approaches to aging and end-of-life care and decisions, including Hospice.

New Stage of Lifes

Like all religions, Judaism offers ceremonies to mark many of the milestones in our lives–birth, b’nai mitzvah, marriage and death–but there are many other milestones and transitions that often slip by without acknowledgment. I can help you create a private or communal ritual that can add meaning to a life event such as retirement from employment, becoming an empty-nester, moving into a new space, and more.

Congregational Life

As rabbi and spiritual leader of The Malverne Jewish Center, I am committed to maintaining a pluralistic, egalitarian congregation which offers Shabbat and Festival services as well as adult learning opportunities. Currently, most programs are held on Zoom, and links can be found at www.malvernejewishcenter.org.

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